Our vision

Our vision for Amoraleza is a sacred space, where each person can experience an expansion of their heart and consciousness and give the best of themselves, in a natural, healthy and harmonious environment.

Our Objective

Our objective is to create an oasis and live as naturally and sustainably as possible, maintaining a good standard of living through basic comforts, with a minimal impact on the Earth. This includes following a simple plant-based diet, using natural, eco-friendly products and building materials and promoting social and economic activities that deeply respect the environment.


We wish to create a working model for an alternative lifestyle which can meet our basic needs, while being able to follow our dreams without compromising our integrity and respecting the needs of others and the planet. We hope this model can inspire others who are looking for a sustainable alternative that allows them to step out of the “system” in order to live more in harmony with nature and follow their heart’s true desire.


Living with others is central to our vision, as it creates many opportunities for collective inspiration and mutual support. Our vision of community includes a feeling of working towards common goals, togetherness, cooperation and the division of labour, so that each member can feel supported by the others. This requires discipline, personal responsibility, efficiency and a commitment of time, energy and money from each community member. Our vision of community is dynamic, with a regular flow of visitors, volunteers, short-term community members as well as a core group of permanent members.

We are hard-workers and we value order and efficiency. We aim to bring awareness to our daily routine and social interactions and to take both pride and pleasure in our tasks, whether we are planting a tree, preparing food or washing the dishes.


We try to live as close as possible to Nature. We deliberately choose to live a simple life, with few modern conveniences in our home-made yurts. Our lifestyle is based on permaculture principles and we feel a deep respect for Nature, which we consider a source of powerful teachings. Listening to her silence, being present to receive her beauty and blessings enables us to focus our attention on ourselves and on what is important : the search for a perfect symbiosis between the world outside and the world within. Nature is sacred, both in her creative force and in her power to heal.



We aim to develop our full human potential and our lifestyle is based on respect for our bodies, our own inner temple, giving special attention to diet and natural forms of healing, while trying to avoid all forms of self-destructive behaviour. Thus, through our lifestyle, we hope to be able to offer both inspiration and practical advice, as well as profound personal experience, capable of creating lasting transformation in the people who stay with us and participate in our workshops.



Living close to Nature has taught us the importance of eating food in the most natural state possible and given us an understanding of the effect of food on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  After much research and many years of experimentation we have chosen to adopt a mostly organic, high-raw, vegetarian diet.  We chose to eat nutrient-dense foods, with an emphasis on greens and superfoods and avoid gluten, sugar, caffeine, processed, baked and fried foods.



Spirituality is central to life at Amoraleza. Our spiritual mission is to participate in the expansion of the heart and consciousness and all spiritual paths and practices are welcome. In our spiritual practice we use plant teachers to help reconnect with our true selves, each other and the Earth. Through the use of these sacred plants, such as Ayahuasca, we aim to create a sacred space where people can experience a deep connection with their soul and the Oneness of all life. Our spiritual approach is eclectic and in our ceremonies we include elements from many different traditions.